About IT PMS PTY LTD Project Management Solution

IT PMS was founded with one core belief that the main difference between successful companies and those that never gain the competitive advantage, lies simply and solely with how well they are able to execute. It’s rarely the idea that separates winner from loser in the world of business; rather it’s the winner’s ability to follow through on their vision.

The “thing” that will separate you from your competition is whether or not you are able to execute on your vision and deliver for your customer.

IT PMS specializes in, and our only business is, Project Management.
We do not and will not employ developers, business consultants, or any other myriad of professional services. Our only business is your projects.

We are not a staffing firm and we do not contract workers through us to you. Any Project Manager assigned to your projects is an IT PMS employee hired exclusively for their ability to perform as a Project Manager. Whether you are an enterprise, a software development shop or a staffing firm, you can depend on IT PMS for Project Managers that will be fully vested in the success of your project.

If IT PMS sounds like the kind of company you want working for you, I encourage you to read more about our vision, philosophy and what we can do for your company.


Edward M. Pivnik (PMP, MCP, MPhys)
Managing Director