Project Management for Staffing Firms

Are you constantly trying to find quality Project Managers for your clients? Do you find it difficult to identify whether a Project Manager will be successful before a project begins? Does it seem the role of Project Manager is always the last to be filled? IT PMS specializes in Project Management so you can rest assured that your client’s projects will be driven by experts; and you can focus on staffing the rest of the project.

Speed - By aligning with IT PMS you always have somewhere to go for expert Project Managers. Whether your project is a month or a year, whether it’s 10 hours per week or 40 hours per week, IT PMS can provide you with the Project Management expertise your customers demand

Quality - At IT PMS we only hire the absolute best people available. Whether your project is a Technology initiative, a Marketing endeavour or anywhere in between, IT PMS will deliver the results you expect and help solidify your reputation as a quality firm.

Accountability - Working with IT PMS means there is a layer of accountability not present with independent contractors. Every engagement and every project is an opportunity for us to form a lasting business relationship with you. We verify that our Project Managers are performing as needed because our incentives to perform are exactly aligned with yours.